I just came home from school. I’m actually sleepy but I don’t want to sleep. Cause I don’t wanna let this random words pass by without writing them.

I was re-reading our facebook conversation before I start composing this letter. I’m wondering if you really mean every single word you said. Wondering if you really wanted to talk to me, or if you wanna talk to me again. Wondering if you even “wanted” to see me just for once. I’m wondering if your gestures mean something, or if I mean anything to you.

I’m over acting. Yes I am, and I know. But, we both know that there’s a big confusion between me and myself (more like between us). I’m not sure. Actions always lie, but emotions will never ever do the same thing.

The only thing I am sure about is, I want to get out of this maze with you. Where you always act in different ways everyday. Please clear things out with me. Don’t wanna be confused anymore.


October, october, october!

Hi October! Welcome! I’m sure, this month will be a “mixed-emotions” month for me. Finals, cramming, film shootings, mom’s & two sister’s birthday, tita’s death anniversary, semestral break, my sister will give birth to her baby this week and a lot more! I hate goodbye but we need to rest. (Mejo oa yun goodbye, haha!) This semester is a very tiring sem, for all of us, and for me. That’s why, semestral break is my most awaited part of this month. I really want this term to end, please! I hate the subjects that I am in right now. Animations and the like! Whoo. The only thing I love about my course are Graphics and Web design. But animation isn’t my thing. So goodluck to me, God bless my grades. Ciao!

Late night sharing.

Have you ever felt so much happy but you’re crying because of sadness even before that moment got over? You’re sad because you know that moment will never happen again. And everything will become a memory you’ll never forget for the rest of your life?

Enchanted Kingdom Trip 2014


Last friday (September 26, 2014) STI College celebrated it’s 31st Anniversary at Enchanted Kingdom, Sta.Rosa, Laguna. That day was a “first time” day for me. Because everything that happened was my first time. To travel out of town not being accompanied with family and to ride those extreme rides! And I had another “first time” experience but, I’m not going to mention it here. As of now, that day was my best day ever in my college life. I don’t have a lot of photos because I didn’t bring any of my gadgets with me because of watery rides. And my classmates who has their cameras with them seperated their ways with us. And I only have 9 guys (boy clasmates) with me. 

Realto (3D theather), Swan lake, Roller Skater (Caterpillar ride), Up up and away (Hot air balloon), Anchor’s away and Jungle log jam are the only rides I was able to try. Anchor’s away is a big big nooooo! Dizzy me! Hahaha!

Actually, what I enjoyed the most was the travel itself. Because for me, riding a bus and going somewhere far is a great thing to do. Especially when you’re with someone you really want to travel with. 

I had so much fun! I hope I can go back there with my fam, soon. :) 

Plays: 19
Artist: Chiela Angeles (with brothers Christian & Carlo Angeles)
Song: We'll be a dream (We the Kings) Cover

Throwback time!

My favorite cover ever! HAHA. 

Leadership Summit 2014 (Born Identity: Molding yourself for a better you.)

About three months ago, I was elected as secretary in our organization. Actually I was elected as Vice President and I almost won because we had a same count of votes but I gave way so he (my classmate) won. Because as per our former org president, I’m effective as secretary because I’m the one who organized our Immersion 2014 (outreach program) and it went better than good. Sooo, yah, I’m the org secretary. Happy me! *u*

And yesterday, we attended a leadership seminar with a theme:

"Born Identity: Molding yourself for a better you."

Hi September! Hello BER months!

I am really sorry for not updating my blog with some personal happenings. I’m so busy. But I’m always online and reading you blogs. Hehe By the way, I just want to officially welcome the ber months. I hope, everything will be as awesome as last year’s ber months. 

And last thing, can you give me some blogs to visit? :) English-writing is better. Please?

Art of stress.

When I was 5, I’m only using crayons and chalks as my coloring tools, scratch papers and colored walls as my canvas. But now, everything is so digital. Stick man became vector or 3D.(Eh kahit nga sa vector, minsan stick man pa rin nagagawa ko eh. HAHAHA!)

So stress!! I got a lot of projects to finish (but I’m blogging right now, HAHA!). 3D Car in motion, video editing, and exam week is approaching so.. Reviewing is a must! So… Ciao for now. And sorry for being MIA.

Hi August!

I know it’s kinda late but I just want to officially welcome the month of August in my life!! I am so excited because we’re going to celebrate two (2) events this month. First, the birthday of my dad (who’s already in heaven) and second, the first birthday of our youngest cousin, Jeeno. I am so excited because they’re both special. Please be kind, August. Stay cool and calm. Please love me! HAHAHA!

Break before anything.

It’s been a week since my class started. Not officially because almost all of our professors are newbie and they are still attending some orientations, except to our programming instructor. And some schedules are kinda complicated so, next week would be our official start of classes. But it’s okay because I feel that we we’re going to be so busy and stressful when our classes start. Everything’s about codings!

So, before anything else I already gave myself a break that I think I would be needing for the next few days. Rest after rest, malling and chilling, everything that can make me calm.