{ L I F E + T H O U G H T S + A D V E N T U R E + D I Y s }

Special day of not-so special someone.

I celebrated my birthday last sunday, April 13. I was supposed to post it that night but my eyes got hurt and I got busy last monday and yesterday so I decided to do it now. Anyway, my birthday was great.

My day started with a wonderful breakfast prepared by my loving sisters. They woke me up around 8am and ate together with my brothers and mom. We also watched movies while and after eating. Prepared some stuffs and few hours after, lunch already! After lunch, we prepared ourselves because we went to dad’s graveyard and celebrated half of my birthday there. We brought some snacks, cake, ice cream and drinks. Gahd, this day was a real food trip.


After that, we went to Church as a family. We went to Immaculate Conception Church and it’s my first time there so I make personal wishes through prayers. I know, God will grant those wishes in His time, if it’s meant to be granted.

My sister cooked pasta and chicken for dinner. My siblings’ partners came. And guess what, I don’t have any visitor. lol. We had some soda trippings and we pretend that it’s a tequilla. HAHAHAHA!

Well, I can’t believe that I’m already 20. No more teen, welcome to womanhood. Although, there are some things that I didn’t experienced as a teenager, I’m still happy. And now I’m already a lady, expect things to be different. In fact, I’ve just got over with something a week ago, and it taught me a lot of lessons in life. Now, expect me to be braver, stronger, bolder and fiercer. And my past 20 years in life took a huge part in molding me. In 20 years, I lived my life with God, family and friends with happiness and love. In 20 years, I live my life not in the fullest but in the way I want it to be.

My prayers and wishes for my birthday is full happiness in life, higher grades and a dslr camera. *wink!*

Thankyou for the greetings and wishes guys!


Happy Birthday Chie!

Will share something about my birthday happenings.

But I’ll post it tomorrow. Thankyou so much for today. I love you all guys! :-)


Tutuldok (;)


Hindi ko kayang bilangin kung ilan
ang hibla ng iyong buhok,
o kung gaanong luha na ang iyong
naibuhos t’wing ika’y nalulungkot

Hindi ko alam kung sa ilang bituin na,
ika’y nagsumamo
upang ang iyong munting kahilinga’y

Hindi ko mabalam kung ilang milya
na ba ang iyong nalakad

At the age of 20.

I can’t say that I had it all. Maybe, I’m lucky and blessed enough to have the things that I need, but let’s face it. I can never be contented with what I have FOR NOW, until I become successful enough and be able to help some people who needs it. (Honestly speaking, I want to help a charity someday with my own effort and money. Seriously.)

At 20, I experienced how to fall in love, but no one’s there to catch me. I still don’t know how it feels like to be in a relationship. I experienced how to be happy and how to be sad. At 20, I know what is right but still doing, sometimes the wrong things. I know how to give without expecting anything in return.

At 20, I still don’t know what my life would turn out. I still don’t know what actually my real plans are. I still don’t know what to do with my life.

At 20, what I actually keep on doing is, live my life in the way I want it to be. Run all the roads in front of me and take my life as a big adventure.

In 20 years, I live my life with God, love, peace and hope.

Hopes can kill. But regrets can bury you alive.

Regrets, my most unwanted feeling ever. Because words like “it’s okay” and “you deserve better” can’t do anything when regrets pop out of me. It can never calm me down, always.

There are some moments in life when you can’t choose either friendship or love, hold on or move on, let go or go on, pride or happiness. It’s really hard to take a risk especially when time and people are playing with you. Now you’re happy, later you’re sad. Now they care, later they don’t. Now they’re here, later they disappear.

The sad thing is, you can’t clear things out because it can ruin the “whatever-kind-of-ship” you have with them. The only thing you can do is to guess and wait what will happen next. And that waiting action is breaking you into pieces.

If you were to be asked, what would you choose among these choices:
PRIDE, consider yourself first and lose them.
FRIENDSHIP, you’ll have them in your life but will hurt you so much.
LOVE, take a risk, MAYBE you’ll have them and you’ll be happy. But if it doesn’t work out, friendship will never be the same.
What would you choose? Be careful. You might regret it in your whole life.

Always choose to save the friendship than anything else.

Always choose to save the friendship than anything else.

My life this past few weeks? :) Well…

My life this past few weeks? :) Well…

Things I learned from Lifebox Seminar.

1. If you’re lost and can’t find your purpose, go back to God and you can find it.

2. You can always define yourself and who you want to be with what you are doing.

3. God will accept you no matter how mess your life is. He’s going to fix you AGAIN actually.

Live your life the way you want it to be.

Never ever live your life for other people. Never live up to their expectations. The reality is, not everyone can like and appreciate you and your doings. Show the real you. Who cares. Live your life, and be you. Haters always gonna hate and don’t mind them.