“cause here, I have the freedom for the full expression of my personality.”

Art of stress.

When I was 5, I’m only using crayons and chalks as my coloring tools, scratch papers and colored walls as my canvass. But now, everything is so digital. Stick man became vector or 3D.(Eh kahit nga sa vector, minsan stick man pa rin nagagawa ko eh. HAHAHA!)

So stress!! I got a lot of projects to finish (but I’m blogging right now, HAHA!). 3D Car in motion, video editing, and exam week is approaching so.. Reviewing is a must! So… Ciao for now. And sorry for being MIA.

You shouldn’t be stuck between past and present.
You have to move on cause the future is waiting.

I’m not gonna give you up
but I’ll stop waiting for you.
You can leave anytime you want.
But if you ever turn your back,
I’ll be here.
Cause either you go or stay,
I’ll never leave.

Please hold my hand as tight as I’m holding yours.
And please fight for me and say that I am worth fighting for.
Don’t give me up, please.

Hello August!

I know it’s kinda late but I just want to officially welcome the month of August in my life!! I am so excited because we’re going to celebrate two (2) events this month. First, the birthday of my dad (who’s already in heaven) and second, the first birthday of our youngest cousin, Jeeno. I am so excited because they’re both special. Please be kind, August. Stay cool and calm. Please love me! HAHAHA!

You suddenly came and grab the chair beside mine.
I looked at you and say nothing, then I smiled.
The timing is just right, you came in the perfect moment.
You saved me from something that’s breaking me.

If eyes can speak,
you’ll know everything,
without hearing any words from me.

I can be your friend, bestfriend, I can be your best life buddy.
I can be your listener, your storyteller. 
I can be the soundtrack of your life and sing you a song.
I can be your missing piece in your life’s puzzle.
I can be your midnight diary. 
I can be your nurse.
I can be your teacher.
I can be your guardian angel.
I can be your alarm clock.
I can be your addiction.
I can be your favorite someone.
I can be what makes you feel happy, if you’ll just let me.

She’s nice.
But he’s nicer.
She’s lonely.
And he’s friendly.
She fell in love.
But he didn’t know.
She smiling.
Cause he’s funny.
She’s happy.
And he make her fall even harder.
She likes him.
But he likes another.
She’s hurt.
But he didn’t care.

I looked at you and you’re already staring.
I just can’t speak and my heart was burning; beating so fast and hardly breathing.
But still, I was smiling.

As I’m walking away,
my soul wanted to stay.
Cause I have everything in mind to say,
But I just spilled it out on my way.