“cause here, I have the freedom for the full expression of my personality.”

You’re my favorite star that I am gazing at,
till I fell asleep in my window every night.
I don’t want you to get out my sight,
cause you are the one that gives me light.

Welcome, BER months!

I am really sorry for not updating my blog with some personal happenings. I’m so busy. But I’m always online and reading you blogs. Hehe By the way, I just want to officially welcome the ber months. I hope, everything will be as awesome as last year’s ber months. 

And last thing, can you give me some blogs to visit? :) English-writing is better. Please?

And I am loving you all along, without the touch of assurance that you feel the same way too.
Everything is just a maybe.
Maybe you love me, maybe you don’t.
And I am tired of this roller coaster emotion.
Now, I have decided to leave, without asking if you want me to.
And now I’ll ask you, do you want me to leave you?
If the answer is yes, then goodbye. If no, then say it and hold me tight.

Would she ever write a phrase for you just like what I am always doing?
If yes, then you’re lucky.
No. I mean, you’re lucky if she loves you the way I always love you.
But I guess, that will never happen.
Cause I’m sure, there’s no other girl who will ever love you exactly the way I always do.

You put my head up above the clouds,
as my feet are lying down on the ground.
You instantly turned my life around,
and made me wanna scream so loud.

Then I woke up.

You shout it out when my ears are covered.
But my eyes read your mouth as you say it louder.
You thought I didn’t mind…
I actually did, but I just died.

Art of stress.

When I was 5, I’m only using crayons and chalks as my coloring tools, scratch papers and colored walls as my canvas. But now, everything is so digital. Stick man became vector or 3D.(Eh kahit nga sa vector, minsan stick man pa rin nagagawa ko eh. HAHAHA!)

So stress!! I got a lot of projects to finish (but I’m blogging right now, HAHA!). 3D Car in motion, video editing, and exam week is approaching so.. Reviewing is a must! So… Ciao for now. And sorry for being MIA.

You shouldn’t be stuck between past and present.
You have to move on cause the future is waiting.

I’m not gonna give you up but I’ll stop waiting for you.
You can leave anytime you want.
But if you ever turn your back,
I’ll be here. Cause either you go or stay,
I’ll never leave.

Please hold my hand as tight as I’m holding yours.
And please fight for me and say that I am worth fighting for.
Don’t give me up, please.