If eyes
can speak,
you’ll know

I can be your friend, bestfriend, I can be your best life buddy.
I can be your listener, your storyteller. 
I can be the soundtrack of your life and sing you a song, make you dance like no one’s watching.
I can be your missing piece in your life’s puzzle.
I can be your midnight diary. 
I can be your nurse.
I can be your teacher.
I can be your guardian angel.
I can be your alarm clock.
I can be your addiction.
I can be your favorite someone.
I can be what makes you feel happy, if you’ll just let me.

She’s nice.
But he’s nicer.
She’s lonely.
And he’s friendly.
She fell in love.
But he didn’t know.
She smiling.
Cause he’s funny.
She’s happy.
And he make her fall even harder.
She likes him.
But he likes another.
She’s hurt.
But he didn’t care.

I looked at you and you’re already staring.
I just can’t speak and my heart was burning; beating so fast and hardly breathing.
But still, I was smiling.

As I’m walking away,
my soul wanted to stay.
Cause I have everything in mind to say,
But I just spilled it out on my way.

Your eyes says to mine
I should be happy
with someone else.
But how can I be happy
if that someone
is not you?

Hi there!

I’ve been posting so much random stuffs lately because of the weather we have right now. Raindrops make me sad. And writing down my emotions make me a little bit calm. How are you guys? I hope you are all doing fine.

This past few days, I was busy reviewing a lot of notes and I will be so busy for the next few days because of the exam week. Wish me luck guys!!


Break before anything.

It’s been a week since my class started. Not officially because almost all of our professors are newbie and they are still attending some orientations, except to our programming instructor. And some schedules are kinda complicated so, next week would be our official start of classes. But it’s okay because I feel that we we’re going to be so busy and stressful when our classes start. Everything’s about codings!

So, before anything else I already gave myself a break that I think I would be needing for the next few days. Rest after rest, malling and chilling, everything that can make me calm.